Step into a world of ethereal elegance and divine power with this enchanting ensemble, designed to captivate hearts and command attention. 


Embrace your inner celestial being with every detail of this mesmerizing outfit:

Wrap yourself in purity with a sleek white bodysuit, delicately adorned with a crossed chest and neckline embellished with pearl-like beads for a touch of celestial allure.

Embody strength and grace in our Toile de Jouy cotton fabric armor pieces, reminiscent of ancient guardians, intricately decorated with white ribbons and glistening pearls.

Drift like a dream in our flowing white cape, a symbol of angelic majesty, gracefully attached to the vest and trailing behind you with every step.


But that's not all—this ensemble is designed for ultimate versatility and comfort:

Enjoy the freedom to remove the cape at your leisure, revealing your radiant presence in all its glory.

Experience the perfect fit with adjustable lacings on all armor pieces, ensuring a snug embrace that accentuates your divine form.



Emerge as a vision of heavenly beauty and formidable strength in this enchanting fusion of angelic aesthetics and warrior spirit. Are you ready to embody the divine?


Pieces composing the outfit ans measurements :



Bust : 87 - 97 cm

Waist : 64 - 74 cm

Hips : 97 - 106 cm

Bust length : 65 - 70 cm



Shoulders : 11.5 - 13 cm

Back width : 34 - 36 cm



Waist : 68 - 78 cm



Lower waist (in between the waist and the hips) : 72 - 78 cm

Thighs : 55 - 60 cm



Wrist : 15 - 17 cm

Forearm : 24 - 27 cm



Wrist : 17 - 17 cm



This outfit is one of a kind and entirely handmade.


Please check all measurements before purchasing any item, there will be no refund due to incorrect size.

If you have any questions concerning this outfit, please fill out the contact form on this website or send an email to

CHF 1 692.00

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