How can I pay ?

 This website accepts credit cards, money transfer, payment slip, Paypal and Twint (CH only).



Can you ship to my country ?

I ship worldwide.



Is it still possible to order an item that says "sold out" ?

 For a few handmade pieces, I'll be happy to receive your order via Please note that some of the fabrics may no longer be available when you place your order but we will always manage to find another one to your taste.


Can I return an item ?

No return or refund will be made due to incorrect sizing.

The only accepted return and refund is if your piece is damaged. In this case, you will need to send an email with attached pictures and we will discuss on the best way to proceed according to the case.

Please check the Terms of Sales section on the website.



How can I make sure it will fit me ?

The best way it to take your measurements with a centimeter. All outfits and accessories have measures informations attached.

Here is a little video on how to take your basic measurements :