TWISTED EGO is a Suisse one woman brand, creating 100% handmade and unique fashion and accessories.


The purpose of TWISTED EGO is to create alternative fashion. Alternative not only by its edgy look, but to offer a different way to express yourself and purchase fashion. It's finding the balance between haute couture and ready-to-wear.


Big companies will feed you that you will be original wearing fashion massively produced. Independent and small brands such as TWISTED EGO, creates pieces as unique as you are.


The happiness of the customer is the main goal. Through esthetics, perfect fits and quality products. You have a real follow up on the creations you acquire.


With TWISTED EGO I strongly believe that you are special and you deserve an outfit that suits your wonderful personality. If my universe appeals to you, you can also order your very own custom design. Contact me via 


And remember, life is too short to wear boring clothes !